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GOLD ($CAD/OZ) $2650.55 3.25

District Overview & Exploration Approach

Newfoundland – Canada’s emerging gold district

Newfoundland District

Newfoundland has a long history of mining but until recently was overlooked as an important Gold Province.  The Island’s gold potential is being unlocked and Gold Island is uniquely placed to find new gold mineralisation. Newfoundland is a mining friendly region and is ranked by the Fraser Institute  in the top 10 mining jurisdictions in the world based on investment attractiveness.

Its Geological Survey has an exemplary trove of geological information plus readily accessible data for all previous survey and exploration work.

Year round exploration is possible and most places on the island are road accessible.  This coupled with clear and timely permitting makes exploration field work and drilling easy to undertake.

The claim blocks Gold Island has secured are based on careful and exhaustive research of the requisite geological, geochemical and structural criteria that when present permit the accumulation of zones of gold mineralisation.  We have already started exploring several of our claim blocks that have a high potential for discovery.  Some claim blocks are proximal to historic gold discoveries, but have seen minimal modern-day exploration.  Other areas have never been staked or assessed for their gold potential.

Data-driven exploration approach

State of the art modern mineral exploration techniques use of geographic information systems (GIS) to compile, clean, validate and analyze data.  Information from multiple sources points to areas which are likely to host mineralisation.   The historic data includes geochemical samples from stream, lake, till, soil and outcrop sampling, geological mapping plus identification of deep seated fractures that are conduits for metal transport.

GIS permits these many data sets to be viewed simultaneously to identify and prioritise locations where detailed field work should be undertaken.

Gold Island has already commenced systematic first phase soil sampling, lidar surveys and orthophoto mapping on Notre Dame-Ming’s Bight, Blizzard Pond and Annieopsquotch project areas to reveal locations for follow up with more  advanced exploration that eventually leads to drilling.  This late 2021 field program has a budget of $1.1m. Data from this first phase of exploration  will be available In January 2022 allowing Gold Island to move forward aggressively with its 2022 field work and drilling.